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Joke of the week

Joke of the week

Joke of the week :
Not in the mood...

Two women were sitting on the front porch of the farm house when they saw a rooster chasing a hen.

The hen ran straight into the road and was killed by a passing car.

…One of the women sighed, "How beautiful. She'd rather die."

Joke vocabulary :

The porch : a veranda
A rooster : un coq (FR)
A hen : une poule (FR)
To sigh : soupirer (FR)
I would rather : I would prefer

Nouveaux cours

ANGLAIS - débutant - Septembre 2018 - Mardi 18h30-20h00

ANGLAIS - CAE / FCE - Septembre 2018 - Lundi 18h30 - 20h30

ALLEMAND - B2 - Septembre 2018 - Mardi 18h30-20h00

ALLEMAND - B1 - Septembre 2018 - Horaire à confirmer

FRANCAIS intensif - A2 - En cours - tous les matins - 8h30-9h15

FRANCAIS intensif - B1 - Septembre 2018 - tous les matins - 9h15-10h45
Idiom of the week

Idiom of the week

Idiom of the day : On the other side of the coin

This idiom means « a different way of considering a situation, making it seem either better or worse than it did originally ».

Examples :

…. « I like having a girlfriend, but, on the other side of the coin I can't watch all the football matches on Sky Sports. »

. « I'd love to go to Spain with you, but, on the other side of the coin, I need to revise for my exams. »

. « I believe that autopilot cars are the future. On the other side of the coin, I can understand why people are worried about this technology. »