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In-School courses

Before starting any type of course, we offer you to take an evaluation test to help us assess your general language competency and place you at the right level, on the appropriate course. Please note that this test and the trial lesson are entirely free of charge and will allow you to have insight into our teaching before deciding to join our courses.
We offer general and examination-oriented classes. Every class is adapted to your personal and/or professional needs & objectives.
The classes’ capacity varies between 3 to 7 led by an attentive and dedicated teacher.
We also provide intensive, private or semi-private classes, to your liking.

The course schedules vary according to the classes which take place between 5pm and 9.30pm. The class duration is either of 90 min. or 120 min, depending on the chosen option.
Private, semi-private & intensive classes take place during the day at your convenience.

Choose a language

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Swiss German
Others upon request

Define your objective


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Pass an examination and get your certificate

CAMBRIDGE (english)
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BULATS (english)
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TOEFL (english)
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TOEIC (english)
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IELTS (english)
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PLIDA (italian)
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DELE (spanish)
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DELF (french)
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GOETHE (german)
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Prices for In-School courses

The price of a group lesson varies between CHF 26.- to CHF 28.- depending on the type and duration of the class (90 or 120 minutes).
For example :

- Non-examination courses (90 min.) for 12 weeks : CHF 468.--

- Intensive class (1-7 students // 1-4 lessons per day // 5 days/week) : CHF 300.—per week

- Private class – price for 60 min. – special price for a set as of 20 hours : CHF 85.--/hour

- Enrolement fee, material & books depending on the class from CHF 90.-- to 150.—

Contact us

It will be a pleasure for us to provide you with any additional information you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us !